Getting my first tattoo.

Hi there!

So this week I wanted to talk about getting a first tattoo . First let me mention that I am not a specialist : this is my point of view and how I lived this experience .

Getting your first tattoo is a huge decision in my opinion and that is why tattoo artists don’t allow underage teens to get tattoo. You will keep it and grow with it, so there is no coming back.

As I was saying, most of the time tattoo artists will told you to wait until you become legal, but I was underage when I did my first tattoo. They needed a lot of paper with my mom’s autorisation etc… I did get my mom’s autorisation because she loves tattoos ( #AmyJamesFan) and she knows that now or after I would get it anyway.

I got my tattoo done in Paris at WILDCAT France (9 Rue Geoffroy l’Angevin, 75004 Paris). I called to know if they would tattoo an underage teen and hopefully one of the tattoo artist was ok with it but at certain conditions: your tattoo shouldn’t be too big, it shouldn’t be at a visible place and I had to bring one of my parents.

In fact, I knew the place thanks to my friend’s friend. Her mother and herself both did their tattoo at this place and they are such good masterpieces: clean lines, good design and a good understanding of what i wanted.

I decided to have mine on my left ribs, you can call it a sideboobs.

My design is quite simple and minimalist: a telegu om. Manish did a greet job since he hadded a twist to it : if you look at it by a certain angle you could see the “regular” om.

Why i decided to get this particular tattoo? I wanted something which will represent who i am, my culture and where i belong to and also since the “Om” has a spiritual meaning.

In hinduism, it is a sacred sound and a spiritual icon.

After calling to set an appointment with the tattoo artist, I described what I wanted, where I wanted it and which details I wanted.

At the second meeting, which was actually the tattoo day, I was very stressed because since it was my first tattoo, I didn’t know what to expect from the pain.

In fact, I didn’t hurt that much, I was almost sleeping.

To conclude, for those who are underage and want to get a tattoo just remember that you should start with a small one in a area which won’t be visible because you could be discriminated at work etc…

Link :

“ Go check out their pieces !”

PS: Sorry i won’t post any photo of my tattoo for privacy reasons.


My body shaming story.

I was born in a big Mauritian family with loving parents who did everything to make me happy. And being born in a Mauritian family is what made me struggle the most with my body.

First, when I say at home i mean that it was mostly my entourage. I remembered, when I was around 7 or 8 we had a “family” meeting and one of them picked me and made fun of my weight, I cried a lot this day.

The struggle with my weight started here. Nobody took my side not even my parents. Because you know: you don’t have to make stories etc.

And by not taking my side things got worse. Every family meeting was a hardship.

I started to hide myself. The happy and cute child slowly disappeared. I went from wearing dresses to wear large shirt and tracksuits every day. Soon it became jeans but with long t-shirt covering my belly and but during middle school. Back then, some kids made fun of me, of course, but I think it was because I was hiding.

In high school, jeans appeared because I forced myself to wear them, to become a new “me” since nobody knew me but i started gaining confidence when I had my first boyfriend but it is another story.

The day I stopped hiding myself was during last summer. I started wearing skirts, shorts. I felt beautiful and it wasn’t because a weight loss. It was because of some pll : my best friends and Ashley Graham. It took me 10 years to stop hiding who I am. To start feeling beautiful, powerful. And I stopped to give a damn about what those ppl telling my parents I should lose weight.

“Back Fat, I see you popping over my bra today but that’s alright I’m going to choose to love you. And Thick Thighs, you are just so sexy you can’t stop rubbing each other. That’s alright, I’m gonna keep you. Cellulite I have not forgotten about you: I’m going to love you even though you want to take over my whole bottom half but you’re a part of me.” – Ashley Graham

Today, I won’t say that I’m 100% ok with my body image but I’m trying to be myself because starving yourself don’t mean that you are healthy. And today I want you to look at your reflection and say I love you. Love yourself because you are going to spend your whole life with yourself.

Here is one of the videos that helped me the most:


Rainbow laddoo (coconut)

Hi beauties! Today i’m back for a recipe specially for Holi which is comping soon! (I’m too exited). This recipe is the first one I mastered because it is simplest recipe of ladoo. You only need 3 to 4 ingredients without any cooking.

For those who don’t know what are Laddu or laddoo. They are ball-shaped sweets popular in India or other countries such as: Mauritius. You can find many different forms of laddoo : besan laddoo ( made from chickpea flour), coconut laddoo and many more. In fact, every region in India has a variety of its own.

They are served for festive or religious occasions.

For 40 laddoos you will need: 

500 g of grated coconut

300ml condensed milk

1 tsp of cardamom powder

Food colouring

7 small bowls (for each colour)

1 big bowl

A mixing tool


Method :

  • Start by putting you grated coconut and your cardamom powder into a big bowl
  • Add your condensed milk little by little while mixing


  • Mix well until all the ingredients are making an homogeneous paste.

As I find the recipe too simple I like to add food colouring to make different colours.

  • Into each bowl make the colours :
    • Yellow : 3 drops of yellow
    • Red : 3 drops of red
    • Blue : 3 drops of blue
    • Purple : 2 drops of red, 1 of Blue
    • Green : 1 drop of yellow, 2 drops of blue ( or green food colouring)
    • Chocolate : Honestly I don’t remember how I did this one ahahha
    • White : No food colouring
  • After making all your colours, separate into 7 your paste.
  • Mix each paste with the colour.
  • Finally, make little balls with your hands

Tadaaam you are done!


“ Je te dirais OUI en Elie SAAB”

Après une première collection lancée quelques mois auparavant et couronnée de succès. Le créateur libanais poursuit en dévoilant sa seconde collection : Elie Saab Bridal. capture-decran-2016-11-30-a-16-06-52

Pour cette collection automne 2016, les coupes classiques sont mises à l’honneur dans ses 10 robes, toutes aussi différentes les unes que les autres, pouvant convenir à tous les goûts et morphologies. On y retrouve de la dentelle à foison, des sequins mais aussi des cascades de tulles.

La collection Bridal s’inscrit dans le développement de la maison et dans la volonté de la marque d’accompagner les différents moments de la vie d’une femme“.

Pour celles qui auront la chance de porter ces robes pour leur mariage d’hiver, elle ont été dessinées pour pouvoir ajouter un jupon, une cape, un voile ou une fourrure,  permettant de rajouter du volume à la robe sans la dénaturer.

Parfaites pour les mariages d’hiver, nul ne doute que cette nouvelle collection sera de nouveaux un succès pour le créateur.

La collection ELIE SAAB Bridal Automne 2017 sera disponible en boutique dès mars 2017.




Elie Saab: Disco party at Paris Fashion Week


The 80s are back and Elie Saab proves it with a disco touch at Paris Fashion Week for his Spring/ Summer 2017 RTW Collection. 

This year the Lebanese designer decided to go full on the Eighties vibes. It was disco time with plenty of shine. Known as a red carpet favourite with princess dress, he proved that he knows to do more than that. In fact, this year he decided to use metallic, electric vivid colours which is very different from pastel colours he is used to.

However, he is still keeping his know-how and he is staying true to his trademark while entering a new territory with sexy dresses covered with glitter, lace and bows. The show’s title, « Standing on Stardust » was literal because the runway was dusted with gold.

« A wardrobe, a lifestyle, an attitude », read the show notes.

With this new style Elie Saab is clearly signalling a change in target with a younger audience by using bomber jackets, mini dresses, shorts and even tracksuit. As the show was full of fresh, young vibe we had the pleasure to see IT GIRLS such as Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss or Hailey Baldwin on the show.


La rose par Elie Saab

Après le succes de son premier parfum nomée “Elie Saab, the perfume”, le couturier Libanais à desider de nous suprendre en lançant son deuxieme parfum cette fois-ci inpiré de la rose.capture-decran-2016-11-30-a-14-34-02

Rose Couture, voici le nom de la dernière création d’Elie Saab signée par Francis Kurkdjian, connu pour avoir prêté son nez aux plus grandes maisons de luxe.

Pour ce parfum, il a choisi de mettre a l’honneur la femme Elie Saab, qui se veut “comme une apparition, comme si en l’approchant, elle allait se fondre dans le lointain. C’est une vision. C’est pour cela que nous avons choisi le mannequin Toni Garrn pour être l’image du parfum: elle passe comme un courant d’air dans cette robe de voile. ”, étaient les mots du designer Libanais.


Ce parfum rappelle aussi le Liban, cher au coeur de Elie Saab lui même par ses senteurs teintées de Miel de Rose lumineux, une Fleur d’Oranger sophistiquée, une pétillante Pivoine, un exquis Nectar de Rose, une pointe sensuelle de Vanille, un Jasmin pétillant, un Patchouli intense caressé par un soupçon de Santal voluptueux.

Chaque parfum ELIE SAAB révèle une interprétation unique de la marque. Dans cette nouvelle création, Rose Couture traduit toute la pureté de la rose, ennoblie de notes féminines et addictives.


Fashion Week Haute Couture : Elie Saab voyage en Inde

Présentée en ce 27 janvier, la collection printempsété 2016 d’Elie Saab a su nous faire voyager dans le temps et à travers les pays.


Nous voici à Delhi en 1911, invités à la Garden party qui célèbre le sacre de Georges V en tant que roi de l’Empire britannique.

Bien connu des stars Bolywoodiennes tels que Aishwarya Rai et Sonam Kapoor, Elie Saab a décidé de remonter le temps et de nous montrer la « garde-robe » d’une jeune Anglaise de cette époque. Loin des Mahrani portant des saree ou lenhenga de Manish Malhotra ou encore Sabyasachi.

Malgré l’utilisation de silhouettes sportives, le créateur a su gardé utiliser les tissus et formes pour rappeler l’inde : en utilisant des « palu » à l’épaule évoquant les traditions indiennes, ou encore en utilisant l’extravagance des sequins, reflétant la lumière tels des parures de bijoux portés au cou.

Malheureusement, la ressemblance s’arrête là. Où l’on s’attendrait à des couleurs vives et aguicheuses, le créateur préfère rester sobre en utilisant la palette de couleur dont il a l’habitude : nude, blanc, argent. Plus orientales qu’indiennes.

Néanmoins, le créateur a su, pour son final, en mettre plein la vue grâce à une robe qui se suffit à elle-même.