Elie Saab: Disco party at Paris Fashion Week


The 80s are back and Elie Saab proves it with a disco touch at Paris Fashion Week for his Spring/ Summer 2017 RTW Collection. 

This year the Lebanese designer decided to go full on the Eighties vibes. It was disco time with plenty of shine. Known as a red carpet favourite with princess dress, he proved that he knows to do more than that. In fact, this year he decided to use metallic, electric vivid colours which is very different from pastel colours he is used to.

However, he is still keeping his know-how and he is staying true to his trademark while entering a new territory with sexy dresses covered with glitter, lace and bows. The show’s title, « Standing on Stardust » was literal because the runway was dusted with gold.

« A wardrobe, a lifestyle, an attitude », read the show notes.

With this new style Elie Saab is clearly signalling a change in target with a younger audience by using bomber jackets, mini dresses, shorts and even tracksuit. As the show was full of fresh, young vibe we had the pleasure to see IT GIRLS such as Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss or Hailey Baldwin on the show.


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