Rainbow laddoo (coconut)

Hi beauties! Today i’m back for a recipe specially for Holi which is comping soon! (I’m too exited). This recipe is the first one I mastered because it is simplest recipe of ladoo. You only need 3 to 4 ingredients without any cooking.

For those who don’t know what are Laddu or laddoo. They are ball-shaped sweets popular in India or other countries such as: Mauritius. You can find many different forms of laddoo : besan laddoo ( made from chickpea flour), coconut laddoo and many more. In fact, every region in India has a variety of its own.

They are served for festive or religious occasions.

For 40 laddoos you will need: 

500 g of grated coconut

300ml condensed milk

1 tsp of cardamom powder

Food colouring

7 small bowls (for each colour)

1 big bowl

A mixing tool


Method :

  • Start by putting you grated coconut and your cardamom powder into a big bowl
  • Add your condensed milk little by little while mixing


  • Mix well until all the ingredients are making an homogeneous paste.

As I find the recipe too simple I like to add food colouring to make different colours.

  • Into each bowl make the colours :
    • Yellow : 3 drops of yellow
    • Red : 3 drops of red
    • Blue : 3 drops of blue
    • Purple : 2 drops of red, 1 of Blue
    • Green : 1 drop of yellow, 2 drops of blue ( or green food colouring)
    • Chocolate : Honestly I don’t remember how I did this one ahahha
    • White : No food colouring
  • After making all your colours, separate into 7 your paste.
  • Mix each paste with the colour.
  • Finally, make little balls with your hands

Tadaaam you are done!


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