Getting my first tattoo.

Hi there!

So this week I wanted to talk about getting a first tattoo . First let me mention that I am not a specialist : this is my point of view and how I lived this experience .

Getting your first tattoo is a huge decision in my opinion and that is why tattoo artists don’t allow underage teens to get tattoo. You will keep it and grow with it, so there is no coming back.

As I was saying, most of the time tattoo artists will told you to wait until you become legal, but I was underage when I did my first tattoo. They needed a lot of paper with my mom’s autorisation etc… I did get my mom’s autorisation because she loves tattoos ( #AmyJamesFan) and she knows that now or after I would get it anyway.

I got my tattoo done in Paris at WILDCAT France (9 Rue Geoffroy l’Angevin, 75004 Paris). I called to know if they would tattoo an underage teen and hopefully one of the tattoo artist was ok with it but at certain conditions: your tattoo shouldn’t be too big, it shouldn’t be at a visible place and I had to bring one of my parents.

In fact, I knew the place thanks to my friend’s friend. Her mother and herself both did their tattoo at this place and they are such good masterpieces: clean lines, good design and a good understanding of what i wanted.

I decided to have mine on my left ribs, you can call it a sideboobs.

My design is quite simple and minimalist: a telegu om. Manish did a greet job since he hadded a twist to it : if you look at it by a certain angle you could see the “regular” om.

Why i decided to get this particular tattoo? I wanted something which will represent who i am, my culture and where i belong to and also since the “Om” has a spiritual meaning.

In hinduism, it is a sacred sound and a spiritual icon.

After calling to set an appointment with the tattoo artist, I described what I wanted, where I wanted it and which details I wanted.

At the second meeting, which was actually the tattoo day, I was very stressed because since it was my first tattoo, I didn’t know what to expect from the pain.

In fact, I didn’t hurt that much, I was almost sleeping.

To conclude, for those who are underage and want to get a tattoo just remember that you should start with a small one in a area which won’t be visible because you could be discriminated at work etc…

Link :

“ Go check out their pieces !”

PS: Sorry i won’t post any photo of my tattoo for privacy reasons.


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